To the Weird Ones

To the Weird Ones   Always feeling alone With just a few that you could call your own Being a fugitive all around And with a sense of home when no one's in town Have tried to explain or make a sense But with hopes always becoming less Divided between the “normal”...

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The 2 Profound Keys of Self Development

The 2 Profound Keys of Personal Development I don’t write in order to enlighten anyone. I am not a guru or a wise man that has knowledge of how everything works in the universe. I know that every moment has something to teach me, make me wiser and maybe change the way...

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The Vanity of Criticism on Others

The Vanity of Criticism on Others    I have a strong intuitive understanding that there aren’t actually a lot of people from the ones I know that don’t think that they know better than me what’s best for me. And I also think that this phenomenon doesn’t only...

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What is it to be Mindful and in the Present Moment

What is it to be Mindful and in the Present Moment “I am not sure how things will keep going in terms of my survival. From time to time I become passionate with different subjects and have several different activities as my favorites. I give everything to them and I...

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The Meaning of Self-Awareness

The Meaning of Self-Awareness   I have been thinking about this for years; what do we mean I know my self? This is supposed to mean I, me learning about the self that belongs to me? So I don’t know me but only the self. But who is I and who is the self? Am I the...

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