The Vanity of Criticism on Others

The Vanity of Criticism on Others    I have a strong intuitive understanding that there aren’t actually a lot of people from the ones I know that don’t think that they know better than me what’s best for me. And I also think that this phenomenon doesn’t only...

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What is it to be Mindful and in the Present Moment

What is it to be Mindful and in the Present Moment “I am not sure how things will keep going in terms of my survival. From time to time I become passionate with different subjects and have several different activities as my favorites. I give everything to them and I...

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The Meaning of Self-Awareness

The Meaning of Self-Awareness   I have been thinking about this for years; what do we mean I know my self? This is supposed to mean I, me learning about the self that belongs to me? So I don’t know me but only the self. But who is I and who is the self? Am I the...

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The Process of Maturity

During the time that I was going to school and a few years after that I was watching sports a lot. I was too much focused. Like everybody else focused I had my favorite team which was Panathinaikos. I think I made this choice because my father was an important figure...

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How to Simply Create the Reality You Desire

The law of attraction. The magnetism to everything you desire.  The life that is ready to offer you whatever you want. Ask and thou shalt receive. How simple it looks and how confusing it has become, right?   The Limitations of the “Realists”   On the one...

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