By Angelo Karageorgos

Mindful Travelling


On January 2018 I passed almost a month traveling alone in all the wonderful and unique country of Vietnam. In the meantime the beauty was so astonishing that I couldn’t stop taking photos. That’s why this book contains 350 good quality photos! So, in these pages I have done my best to make you feel how I was feeling at that time, as well sense like you were together with me in this trip. And my tendency is to go beyond the touristic places, apart from them, I put much focus on everyday life, I want you and me to go as close as possible to the real life there.


I had the pleasure to visit the vast majority of its important places, from the south and the Delta of the Mekong River, the 12th longest river in the world to the extraordinary Halong Bay in the far north.As an eager traveller I had the knowledge and the attitude to enjoy it to the maximum however, the real experience exceeded my expectations. So I decided that I had to describe it in full detail. Everything that happened every day, from waking up to the moment I was going to sleep. 22 full days of unstoppable action! And trust me, they were indeed full…


During the course of my trip from south to north I realised that maybe the best choice I did was to travel alone. This gave me the flexibility to be extremely mobile, I could be at any place and stay or leave from anywhere any time I wanted. Also, I was a loner so I was easily approachable from other people. This led me to several unique friendships which I have maintained till now and to a very close understanding to how life really is there. I got close to many locals, I spent time with them, I saw their everyday life and I met their friends. All of this was possible because I wasn’t using a tourist guide. When you choose the latter you can’t avoid losing the spontaneity that makes every experience real and natural.


The last days I felt that something unique was happening to me. I was so much immersed in the experience while at the same time extremely open and ready for the surprise, the unexpected. This mentality was definitely compensating. Since I arrived there I hadn’t stopped flowing in a river of gratitude because of that while life was keeping bringing me lemons!. And I figured it, it was just a glimpse, maybe I can call this approach Mindful Travelling.




As I was travelling from the South to North I couldn’t miss recognizing the changes that were happening to me. Even before reaching Hanoi I had already become a different human being.

Angelo Karageorgos

My name is Angelo and I have a personal rule; to avoid limiting myself under specific labels that are supposed to describe me. However, after struggling to find something for the shake of the desciption, I can say that I am a mindful traveller maybe. Which means that I put huge respect in every experience that happens to my life every single moment and also takes place in the plenty of trips that I am doing.

Some people that know me think that I have a strange perception of reality. Yet, how can a person keep his individuality if he is explaining the reality same way as the majority? Do we want this?

If you manifest in any possible way in your life your own personal perception of reality then immediately you are exercising creativity. When being curious and open to life you are a creator that whatever you touch gives birth to something new.

I have followed many schools of thought throughout my life only to realise that unique fulfillment can only be achieved if you follow what comes from inside of you and not from what others preach to you as right. This is what I firmly advocate;

A life immersed in authenticity that has the sincere enthusiasm as a guide!