I just looked at the clock. It seems the time is already 3:33 am. Last time I checked it was 3:03 a.m. For the last 30 min, I have been in front of my laptop, typing no more than a sentence only to start keep holding the backspace down and to return to that same empty page which has no difference to how it was a few seconds ago.

Everything is too silent now, even the birds outside of my window haven’t started singing their morning tunes. There is absolutely no wind. I always enjoy this calmness of the night and at that time is my most creative work. But even if it was raining and the wind was strong, would that mean that the harmony is influenced? I dare to say it’s just an illusion, harmony is there and is maintained through movement, in the eternal change between the two poles, the good and the bad, the day and the night, the black and the white, the sun and the rain, the yin and the yang.

Maybe writing an “about” is much harder than an article or even a book. In those you can describe your ideas thoroughly and with as much specificity as possible. There is plenty of space. You can also use symbols. But here? Are there any appropriate labels that can appropriately describe me? I guess if there are any, this would mean that I think similarly to the others under the same label. However, I consider myself unique such as everybody else and losing that is for me an attack against the incredible human nature.

Some people that know me think that I have a strange perception of reality. Yet, how can a person keep his individuality if he is explaining the reality same way as the majority? Don’t we want this?

If you manifest in any possible way in your life your own personal perception of reality then immediately you are exercising creativity. When being curious and open to life you are a creator that whatever you touch gives birth to something new. You just can’t have never experienced this wonderful feeling when you create something. Yet how much we keep working on that in practice?

The usual trips that I have been doing the last years have helped me a lot in that. I approach the people and the whole adventure with openness and this offers me the opportunity of so interesting experiences, some of them I am sharing in the articles. Apart from the stories, most of them have given me very important lessons.

My mind one more time was lost but suddenly I remembered, I am writing an about. The delay mentioned above isn’t only a result of my inability to find a label to describe me, as well all this time I wasn’t focused on the search. Is it a limitation or I just don’t like to have one?

How strange the human mind is, most of the times it can’t focus on one thought for more than a few seconds, it seems to be like a wild horse running here and there. It’s so admirable, it has so many qualities yet we lose our consciousness and become hypnotized, we get away from the experience and we go in a dream world. Unfortunately, most of the times this causes anger or shame or jealousy to us which make us weak. Wouldn’t it be very important to find a way to ride this horse without it losing its incredible abilities?

The thoughts are also creating an illusion of division between us and the rest of the world. However, it’s only the fact that our eyes can’t see the air that we feel disconnected, in fact around our skin are molecules of air and there is no empty space. Thus we are all connected. Due to that, it seems people haven’t cultivated very much feelings of empathy or other higher ones that make you in fact stronger. The more you realize your connection in reality with others the more you start experiencing love towards everything more deeply

Maybe you haven’t thought of that because you have been trusting too much your senses to tell you the truth, here we can go some levels further away from that. Reality is much different than what we think of “reality.” Your 5 senses at every single moment are processing the flowing energy from the environment in order to give you a model of reality which is the one you have been used to be into, the one of the 3 dimensions. But if human senses were operating differently you could see the world with a different perception. Like when you wear infrared glasses, you look at the universe from another point and thus it becomes “another” universe. Similarly, you could have a mind that operates in different dimensions and recognizes them as its reality.

I am thinking of times immersed in enthusiasm. This blissful feeling described by the Greek word ενθουσιασμός (εν-Θεώ-Ουσία)= into God’s substance. At that time we don’t think and we are one with everything. Simultaneously our abilities become superhuman, we lose the sense of time and have incredible amounts of energy. But we are blocked by the thoughts, by this powerful proud horse that seems so hard to be bribled.

Think of the idea of harmony. You can achieve harmony when you utilize your incredible mind in such a way that it carves the road for this weapon of enthusiasm to unfold. You have inside you the seed. All of us do. When you have a seed you don’t see it but you know the tremendous potential in it. It can even be a huge tree that lasts for centuries. Same way exists the potential in you. But you have been used to pessimistic thoughts about what you can do and I hope from now on and with the things we write here you will stop believing them because they aren’t true!. Or maybe no one has ever talked to you, yet, about the outstanding abilities that your mind in reality has.

I just read what I have already written without too much consciously realizing. I was lost but in another way this time. I was in the flow because I am enthusiastic about writing so I lost the sense of time and the cognition of me writing it. But I became more enthusiastic as I realized that I automatically talked about the most important issues that I will be writing here. I may only need to add 1-2 paragraphs now and that’s it. I unblocked when I stopped searching for labels. That’s the best way to unfold, by not thinking too much about it, your real self this way knows to put things into place automatically. You just need to start showing some trust and letting go.

And I think I indeed avoided as much as possible the labels, yeah! I hope the above paragraphs give you a good first idea about what I am writing here mostly.

As my first introduction to you I would like to offer you a gift where I discuss several of my realisations that have made my confused and full of conflict life so much simpler. Instead of trying to untie the Gordian Knot, with a shift in the way of thinking, you can just put your sword on it and cut it forever! It’s my book with the name “How to get closer to your real self: Entering a path of fulfilment and long lasting enthusiasm made by you.”

Among others I “talk” about:

  • How to start looking at yourself with a clear gaze
  • Stop misusing and start flowing with our minds, understand them and use them effectively
  • Stop under-using our emotions and utilise the tremendous value of enthusiasm
  • A practical exercise which helps you recognise your inefficiencies
  • A call to instantly begin with a direct action towards your real self

Just let me know below where to send the book and I am sure it will benefit you, too.