Today I still don’t feel perfectly well but certainly better than yesterday. Yesterday night I had headaches again that increased from the time I wrote yesterday’s article like I had predicted. As time was passing the pain in my head was increasing. So once again I was facing some difficulties to go to sleep. It’s interesting that when the head touches the pillow the pain is increasing because there is pressure. I noticed that I had some pain also in the legs, they must be for a good reason.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I got out for some hours and watched classical music in the Westfield shopping centre near my house. On the one hand it was enjoyable but my legs had pain, I didn’t have much energy to remain standing for very long plus I couldn’t concentrate much in the music, I had some dizziness. However, in the end I think it was a good idea that I went out. Then I worked for a few hours writing the yesterday’s post and recording podcasts about it in both Greek and English. This took me more than 2 hours.

A few hours before going to sleep I filled the bath with water, it was nice and I think it helped to send some more toxins away. I also did it because I wanted to warm my body as the heating at home wasn’t enough. I don’t know if it happens with all the people but when I haven’t eaten it’s much easier for me to feel cold. And outside the house, the temperature was 4 degrees.

I slept for many hours, about 10 and woke up with the alarm so I guess I could have slept more. Of course I am not planning to pressurize at all myself these days however we had planned a skype talk with a great friend and 10 hours wasn’t a little, right?

I was feeling a little sick once more and there is still pain in my head. I hope it will soon go away but in any case I embrace it, it was what I was aiming for, the release of the toxins inside of me and this is the small price the body has to pay.

My energy goes up and down today. I talked easily for 1 hour and a half on skype and now I am going out to attend a class I am following. I have moments of great clarity and moments that I just want to lay down. Unfortunately, the temperature is 9 degrees of celsius now that the evening is starting and it will reach 4 today again. However, fortunately from tomorrow it will increase and reach 15 with sunshine so I am expecting things to be easier together with my body being more used to fasting.

What is Water Fasting

In case you don’t know what water fasting is, it’s very simple. You avoid any food first of all. You only drink water. It’s important to have as “clean” water as possible so I use the brita filter in all the water I consume unless I have to buy a mineral water from outside if I am out of the house.

The idea is to get away from as many things as possible in order to put the body in the condition to cleanse itself as much as possible. The less it gets inside the better cleansing it will do for this period. Because by fasting you boost the process of “Autophagy” which is the natural, regulated, destructive mechanism of the cell that disassembles unnecessary or dysfunctional components.

So I am trying to avoid any potentially harmful chemicals from externally, too. For example, I don’t use commercial soaps when I shower myself. I only use some natural soaps that my sister has made in order to be sure that we are talking about something clean. The next days I may also fill my bath with hot water and throw some salt in it for better cleansing. This salt is coarse unprocessed sea salt.

I am going out now and tomorrow I will write about all the reasons I have defined that made me choose to go to this 10 day water fast.

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