There was a period in my life when I somehow had an opinion that only the popular scientific findings that I knew could be accepted in order to try to create a perception of reality. So I was focused in reading popular scientific literature which seemed to be filling all the gaps that were missing from my linear way of thinking. I learned about the cognitive distortions like the Dunning Kruger effect where the less we know about something the more knowledgeable we think we are. I, also, learned about the overgeneralization, the emotional reasoning and the should statements among others. In case you don’t know these are ways that our thinking automatically works and leads us to irrational beliefs.


Cognitive dissonances happen also to us and not only to others


Even though I could see them clearly in everyone around as they are a part of our nature, I was making the mistake to forget that I am also a part of humanity so these rules were applying to me, too. It’s amazing if you think that a lot of people are aware of the existence of cognitive fallacies however I have met very very few people that recognise them in themselves. They see it all the times in others instead.

Thus, after sometime hopefully, I started understanding many that were happening to me. I later found that instead of learning science as a whole, I was limited to pop science. You know atheism, evolution, findings that prove only that the whole cosmos is the world of the 5 senses-the physical world, acceptance that time is the way we understand it and is objective etc


Some Information Found in Plato


You know Plato right? I think the majority of people admire Plato. He is one of the greatest philosophers of all times. Plato is like an authority as his way of thinking undoubtedly has influenced millions or even billions of people. In my understanding especially the western world is among others built a lot on the ideas of Plato. So I guess what he says must have some validity. Do you know the book of Plato called Timaios and Kritias? If not I highly recommend that you read it.

In there he describes the creation of the world by God, about his Angels, he uses arithmosophy to describe the process of creation, he explains the role of the soul and so many outstanding ideas that haven’t since stopped being analyzed.

Another important thing is that he talks about Atlantis. He refers to a discussion of Solon with some Egyptian priests in Egypt. The priest explained that the Greeks are eternal youths. That the Goddess Athena chose Athens as the place where the most intelligent and skillful men will appear. The Greeks were the symbols of the ancient world as they had defended with the most bravery than anyone else the attack to the Mediterranean countries from the Atlanteans. So everyone in the ancient world was admiring the Greeks for their bravery and for their laws. And everyone was looking at them in order to be taught. However, in the generation of Plato nobody in Greece knew about that as in between Greece had been destroyed by major kataklysms. That’s why the Egyptians had to remind them of their history.

Plato also talks about the existence of a place that was after crossing Gibraltar (Iraklies stiles) but was a bit far and it was difficult for sailors to visit regularly. Which might that be?

Even if we accept that Plato uses symbolism and God, Angels and many other ideas are not to be taken literally, still it’s very different than what we consider today as atheism. I am not saying all the above in order to claim that are true because Plato says so. I am only trying to show that all these people that are considered as authorities today maybe they are missing something. Either on purpose or not. Examples like Plato are thousands.


People’s ignorance of ancient philosophies although they claim they admire them


Even though ancient philosophies are supposedly respected, my experience has shown that most people know what they have to know in order this “civilization” to continue working this way. At the same time, not many people are going to study these anyway so no problem. It doesn’t make any difference if we consider Eastern philosophy wise, who’s gonna read and try to understand the Baghava Ghitta, the Tao te Ching and the Pali Canon.

Then I recognized other ideas that were changing the way I approach experience. These interestingly enough were scientific and made sense.


The World of the Senses – The Matrix


First I understood the world of the senses. Noone till that time had explained to me how subjective are the human senses. I am not talking here about subjectivity in ideas. I am talking about subjectivity in what science calls biology. Everywhere there is a mixture of different types of energies in the universe. So what the human senses do is from moment to moment to transform the energy to a crystallized concept which is what we mistakenly call reality. This is the 3-D world or the Matrix or the Plato’s cave. So, I say mistakenly because the human brain as any other object of observation has its specificities. Some types of energies are recognised by our eyes and we call them colors, some others we call sounds because the ears are receiving and transforming them to a concept for our consciousness. If you for example use infrared glasses then you can start observing what you aren’t normally able, the energies that are characterized with a vibration frequency of 300 GHz to 430 THz. This happens because you use an observation machine with different specificities. The mistake arises when you consider your observation machine to be God. Preferably, like with the infrared glasses, you can enjoy this particular perception of reality that your human brain gives you.

If you understand the above then you will easily understand that what you don’t see doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. And same can happen with the observation machines in the experiments that are created by the human consciousness. They are by definition of limited observation capacity. Thus it’s easy to conclude that there is no actual separation between your body and the rest of the world. The skin that you have doesn’t divide you from anything, it’s connected to the molecules of the air around your body. Same way the latter is connected with everything.

In a world where our subjective senses are responsible for its manifestation while the senses again fool us to think that there is division between people, animals and objects, I started figuring that the popular science instead of analyzing the real world, they are analyzing the Matrix!


Imagine if someone can influence what information you perceive and how you process it


Imagine now someone that has a lot of control in your percepts. He has the technology to reach your senses for most of the time through the media and similar ways. He can control the information because his or his alliances’ media businesses can reach the vast majority of people through tv, advertisements, newspapers, social media, websites and so on. In this instance and if you don’t really search in independent sources, is it difficult for you to imagine that maybe it’s possible for him to also influence the way you accept the world? Is it difficult for him to describe your senses’ Matrix the way it suits him?

And let me take it a bit further. When someone through the control of information can create your concept of reality, can’t he also show you what is right and what is wrong, as well up to which level your potential can go? Can’t he through time put in your subconscious certain limitations, things that can happen and things that cannot? Think now carefully. If someone has created the limitations about yourself which you believe, won’t he be able also to know your future?

What would you think if this is happening while you haven’t even realised the existence of such process?


The Objective Observer


Another undeniable phenomenon which science has clearly shed light upon it, is the existence of the observer. We typically think that “he” is somewhere between our eyes. But if start contemplating on “him” you will see that whatever you do, whatever you think when you are in the present moment, there is “something” looking at it. An observer of mystical origin, extremely light and fully naked. Is this only a result of the physical processes happening in our brain and can we clearly define it?

The joyful thing is that Quantum Physics and Chaos Theory as time is passing by are becoming more understood and widespread. These, among others, provide a totally different way of explaining the world. It is difficult to be popular, at least at the moment, as we have been trained in linear thinking with a deterministic worldview. That’s why many commonly use them exaggeratedly when trying to prove some metaphysical events. However, in my humble opinion, these scientific sectors have too many matches with ancient philosophies and mysticism which makes the whole process of understanding the world tremendously more beautiful.

You can understand that I can’t miss looking at all the above and many others. Fortunately, it seems there is so much hidden under the surface that when you start looking at it it dazzles you. Such vastness! The point here is not to show who is right and who is wrong and take any side. Instead the more we open to new ideas the more we become surprised. Both by what we weren’t told and of its beauty. Once again here the words have been used to play a role. Because what is sometimes Para-normal if not a label attached to normal knowledge that isn’t appropriate for this materialistic civilization to continue. Like in the Plato’s cave this label seems to be keeping us in chains, eternally looking at our shadows.

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