Being Released from What You Have Been Calling Reality

Dream, reality, imagination. Different things but maybe imagination is similar to dreams, they are both distinguished from reality, aren’t they? Reality then is what we perceive with our senses and what instruments of measurement have observed, right?

So we can start from the latter. Human beings have 5 senses:

Sight – Light energy detected by the eyes
Hearing – Sound energy detected by the ears
Smell – Chemical energy and shape of molecules detected by the nose
Taste – Chemical energy detected by the tongue
Touch – Pressure energy detected by the skin

These 5 senses provide the information to the brain in order to understand the outside world.

However, what are the senses in fact detecting? Aren’t all of them detecting energy?


Everything in the Universe is made up of energy


Quantum Physics states that everything that exists in the whole universe is made up of energy that constantly flows and changes form.

Think that you swim in the sea or in a lake. In the water is you, several microorganisms, small fish, big fish, dust, small plants and so many other organisms or small and big objects. So you and all these together with the water you look like you are connected, like all of you together form something.

So even when you aren’t in the water there are molecules of air around you, there are smells and maybe insects around your skin which are connected to the others and so on.

Thus we somehow drown in a “lake” of energy that contains several different parts, right?


The Brain as a receiver and creator of a concept (through the senses) according to its specifications


So what follows is that the brain perceives this information and creates a model of reality. You can easily understand that this happens every single moment. The energy “moves” and changes form so the senses unstoppably receive the new info, create a concept of reality again and again. Remember that the percepts are received filtered or unfiltered and shape the concept.

But all this time we haven’t specified something. What light energy do the eyes recognise, for example? Light energy is very general. If all our senses were capturing every kind of energy then the brain would overflow and we would die in the blink of an eye from electric shock.

The waves of energy can be defined by their frequency (f) or wavelength (λ), one of the two is enough as they are inversely related if you know the phase velocity (υ). The formula that connects them is:


Apart from that, we also learnt at school very well that the eye can recognise waves between the ultraviolet and the infrared. This means that the eye can only notice wavelengths of 400nm-700nm. Also, for example, the wavelengths that humans define as green are 495–570 nm. When the rays of light reflect on a leaf and our eyes receive light of such wavelengths then we say that the leaf is green. Everything above 700nm and below 400nm is like isn’t happening and not existing for our eyes. But if we wear infrared glasses then a different world appears in front of our eyes, because we are using an observation object of different specifications. For example, we can use a machine to see soundwaves.

Similarly, the ear responds to specific wavelengths, the nose, as well, and so on.

If you haven’t thought about these things before but make some sense to you, maybe you will have understood by now that when your senses don’t catch something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.


The Subjectivity of Human Biology


At the same time think for example that the dogs don’t recognise the colors same as humans. So when we see a red object the dog cannot see it the same way as you. How can you be the one defining what something “is” and not another observer of it?

But even in human beings. In experiments among many people, when asked to define the specific color hue of an object they just saw, they were having many different answers.

The above provide a certainty about the great subjectivity of biology itself to define reality. We mostly used to think that there is subjectivity in our thinking but in my understanding, not too many have really dived so far to confront that great issue.

Some say that we have science to go beyond these limitations of human biology. But who is science? Isn’t science made of people? This by itself means that even if the most spectacular imagination and technology is used to process a huge amount of variables in order to explain reality, how can we be sure that still they aren’t missing something that has to be measured and influences the results of the measurement of other phenomena? I mean from what we know till know, as I am convinced that what we always learn as new is very outdated.

But the majority of science at the moment doesn’t even seem to be going towards this direction as they are keeping defining reality as the concept created by the senses and the instruments whose specifications unavoidably are created with the use of the human senses.


Everything is practically connected


So there isn’t any empty space. Our body isn’t disconnected by anything else by the skin, as we said, there are molecules of air connected to it which are connected with others and so on and so forth. Like being in a lake, I think the water that has more substance can make it more understood.

At each moment the senses receive the energy and according to the specifications that define the human brain create a concept. This is a concept of 3 dimensions. The first dimension is the length or one-dimensional cube ie the movement of a point A perpendicular to itself. The second dimension is the square, the two-dimensional cube, that is the movement of a line perpendicular to itself. The third dimension: is the three-dimensional cube, i.e., the movement of the layer perpendicular to itself.


What is Time


Every single moment the brain crystallises a 3-dimensional concept as reality. However, the senses make us believe that there is a continuation in that although is crystallisation upon crystallisation, like the frames of a video.

So in this 3dimensional concept that comes as a result of the human brain’s characteristics the ancient civilizations noticed some patterns. For example, the earth was going around the sun. Thus they created time. They found the year that is one circle of the earth around the sun. The divisions of the year and other natural phenomena created days, hours, weeks and so on. Since the human senses cannot sense the 4th dimension we recognise it through its secondary characteristics and that’s why we use seconds. Else we would again measure it in metres like the other 3.

We have used the natural phenomena to find an anchor to measure time. Because we live in the now. The memory defines time. Time is just a series of nows. Time is NOW, NOW, NOW. When we recall that again in a now, it’s only our memory and our perception of ourselves as a separate entity that makes it look like “time has passed.” Because, as well, we aren’t separate entities, it’s only that our eyes weren’t made to see the air that connects us.

I know these may be a bit unusual ideas and not easily digested because we live on the 4th dimension. That’s why we cannot easily understand this concept through our senses.


The real Plato’s Cave


Maybe this is the Plato’s cave, the world of the senses. Because in this world there is suffering. Because we have forgotten the reality and fully trust our senses, we behave very egoistically. In the 3-dimensional world of the human senses there is division. In order to operate the brain has evolved to have specific characteristics so it defines separate objects. This way you can name them and live. You can see the chair, the basket, me, the house. But all of these aren’t objects disconnected to everything else, because nothing is, all are one.

You see then what is going on on earth at the moment? We suffer because we are so fanatics with division. We are divided because of ideas, skin color, culture, religion. People die defending what they are against what they are not. Defending what they have against what they have not. But all of this can’t be true as we said. This division comes as a result of the human senses, it’s not real!

We see also people being compared. What exactly are they comparing, they aren’t something different, we all have similarities in a basic level but our blossoming is totally different and it is so vague to just be characterised by labels. We are talking about a pool of energies of different frequencies. All of them are one thing, energy, and they are only defined by their frequency which is constantly changing.

But people seem totally to have lost sense of the reality. They become so much polarised on different sides and fight till death. Maybe that’s why Socrates said that bad actions are a result of lack of knowledge. Else, you can easily understand that it doesn’t make sense to want bad things to happen to something that is actually a part of you. Only a self-destructive person would for example like his legs to not be working.

It also needs to be mentioned that all solids aren’t actually so full of substance as they look to our eyes. Since the majority of the space inside the atom isn’t used by the electrons, protons and neutrons that it consists of and all objects are made of atoms you can easily conclude the above.

As well, Einstein had found that when the space of the third dimension curves to the fourth dimension beyond a boundary, then our senses perceive this curvature as the density of matter. However, since space is “nothing”, matter is a curved nothing. Also, from Einstein we know that mass and energy are equivalent and identical.

From the above you can start understanding that what we call matter is just a perception of energy flow and an illusion that comes from our senses. It’s not difficult then to conclude how much immature it looks when we give such levels of importance to concepts of what we call matter which are created by our senses in a very constrained matrix.

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