The Unbearable Lightness of Being “Weird”


“Yes, this person looks normal” or “I can’t understand why she is doing these things, they don’t make sense, she is strange” or “He’s unpredictable and focuses all the time in weird staff, nothing he says makes any sense to me” or “How does he care about these unimportant issues when there exist so many other important ones!”

All of these I think are commonly used in the average discussion when we talk about other people. Especially with the social media today there exist plenty of reasons for gossip. So obviously most people don’t like to be thought as weird as it’s not socially acceptable thus they won’t have many friends and that’s not nice.


Most people take for granted that other people behave as herds sometimes


At the same time, from my experience, most of us acknowledge that human beings behave as herds in even important situations like when voting. Everyone automatically recognizes the existence of propaganda and its results in social manipulation. Also, everybody accepts politics as also a game of impressions so we analyze the behavior of the politicians according to the predisposition (the strategy) behind every statement or action.


But what is normal if not what the majority considers as normal?


Unless you have been consulted by entities with higher knowledge about the mysteries of existence there can’t be another way to have such a certainty of judgment about the paranormal.

Thus here arises a clear contradiction. Because we have to take into account that in theory, everyone wants to keep their individuality, I don’t see many people thinking that they aren’t different than others.

So is it possible to simultaneously be thought as normal while you aren’t following the herd?

I think that as long as you want to be an active conscious agent in your life you must make a choice between these two.


A mental manual of a belief system everywhere


The more I look into the society and the ideas-memes that are spread around the more I realize how deep and specific is the “normal”. The more the years are passing the clearer it becomes in front of my eyes this mental manual of what is normal. It is not difficult to recognize it anymore because it is everywhere all the time. I hear all the time from both tv and other people the same dreams, the same hopes, the same expectations, the same judgments about the news. Everybody knows that there is propaganda but everybody thinks that has remained unaffected.

While people look at each other and to most popular ones to see what is considered correct in order to do it and become accepted, they verbally praise their individuality and free thought.

I am not saying this to criticize as I am part of it, too, in aspects I haven’t realized yet but I am learning every day. I am looking silently towards the mental manuals that I have been induced without my conscious knowledge. You can’t be a part of the system but be totally unaffected by it but you can start observing it and working on freeing yourself from it.

Not only because I, like everybody, can know my needs better than anyone else. Mostly because I know that the chiefs of this world control the information and they try to lead us in directions where their control increases over us by creating what is normal. Because they can, because their media reach billions of people, because they have the scientific and spiritual knowledge to do so. They are so far away from us and they have created so demanding environments that it is really hard to oppose their control over our minds.


Being the weirdo


Consequently, the miracle is to be the weirdo in this world. The Outsider. To be joyous when others believe you are a weirdo. To be afraid that you are in the wrong direction when everybody thinks that you are in the correct one.

Be strange and praise your strangeness because this is the proof that you have made a choice of your own.

I always feel proud when I sense that someone believes I am weird and they can’t understand me. Unfortunately they won’t tell me and I can’t also provoke the compliments, however, it is a proof that I am in a good direction. Because it means that I am not doing what the leaders of the world would like me to do.

I have also seen people provoking it because they have consciously or unconsciously understood the above. But this can’t be counted, you need to be genuine. You have to act naturally and wait for the others to give you the compliment by their behavior, you would understand when it happens.

This once again doesn’t have to do with the others. Instead, what I am trying to do is to take the thinking about the others out of the equation as this is what limits us so much. When you remove the fear of the label of being weird to others it will start becoming much easier to unfold your real tendencies to the outer world and be happier and balanced in this process as I haven’t noticed any other way towards fulfillment.


The Learning Curve in our familiarisation with new ideas

This diagram shows, in general, the relationship of time and the level of a skill. Instead of skill, you can imagine the process of understanding a new idea, an idea beyond the normal more common one.

You can see that in the beginning and when an idea is new we evolve slowly. And as time is passing and we become more accustomed to it we evolve more quickly. It has been found that there is always a minority of people that evolves quicker in new ideas. So when the open-minded ones reach an understanding in depth, the majority is far behind in their own level of understanding. Clearly, due to the fact that the more open-minded ones are the minority, they are labeled as weirdos because the majority can’t understand them. And not only they don’t understand them, but they assume that they are at a lower level than them! Again because the judgment about what is normal comes from the majority.


What will happen then, will I remain alone?


This is called all or nothing thinking in cognitive psychology. The fact that the majority considers you strange doesn’t mean that there aren’t people that respect your work. And you don’t anyway need the ones that find you weird as obviously, you don’t have many commonalities.

As well, the lights are much brighter than what someone may have thought. First of all because even though the majority is behind, some time in the future will reach the level that you were when they thought of you as a weirdo and through their own experience will regret their judgments in case they still remember them.

Most importantly, the mind seems to be getting used to situations as time is passing. Thus over a long period, a person’s consistency in their mentality seems to be removing the perception of strangeness about them. And this consistency will be bringing more people closer to you, people, that deeply recognize the value of your individuality. People that understand that whatever you are cannot be found anywhere else and every moment of experience with you is unique.

So a diagram of ease of life by being “weird” and time would look similar to the learning curve above. As the days are moving forward and you are consistent with your truth, things will be getting easier and easier. Like all the things, in the beginning, there is a certain need for faith in this way of thinking and as time is passing the results will be proving the wisdom of such mentality.

Lastly there exist people that are also weird or strange but they create a negative deficit between them and the rest of the society. I mean that they have the strong tendencies to receive and not to provide. I am not talking about that and definitely, a human being with such characteristics needs help from the others in order to be able to better operate in the environment.

I dream sometimes, I let myself when I am awake. I think I’m allowed to. And I see young children. Sometimes I see myself. I see me knowing that there is a better way than to try to imitate to gain acceptance. I see me not caring that I don’t like the same things as my friends. I see me not bothering to try to adopt the cool hobbies but being proud to be fully immersed in the hobbies that make my heart pound. I see me getting explained that acceptance by everyone else is not a necessity, on the contrary, I don’t need anyone else than the ones that can accept me for what I am. I see curious children running from here and there focused on this and that. Without any goal, with no sense of time, exploring enthusiastically the environment and equipped with sincere veneration for the uniqueness of all the moments. I feel I can have this in reality, too.

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