The Encirclement of Fear

I get out in the street, I look around, I sense a hidden fear in the faces of the people, what might be concerning them that might happen? I assume there are a lot of things in their heads. I never do it on purpose but if at a time that I am lost in thoughts stare someone in the eyes for some moments, he immediately takes his eyes away. And I don’t think I look threatening.

You don’t necessarily need to see the other person scared, this might not be clear for some at first glance. But when you look closely and sense the people you feel it. Sometimes they may not recognise it in themselves, maybe they don’t want to admit it. Or maybe they haven’t looked clearly enough in their thoughts and emotions. In any case the power of the fear is grown by them, by our belief towards it.

The Plots of Terror

Personalities have become so fragile. Our ego is harmed very easily, of course we don’t admit that. But if someone else even implies something about us then we become crazy. Even if someone attacks us verbally, is there any reason that the angry reaction is justified? I understand, we may lose it sometimes, but shouldn’t we recognise it? As well, we have fear about the others. Maybe we say something that they don’t like about themselves and then make them angry. But I wonder, can you build a relationship with a friend or a partner this way? How can you really become intimate when the other side is afraid to talk to you?

I think every sane person can sense the difference between an attempt to be undermined and the constructive criticism. The way the other person expresses it you can know from where are they coming from. But even if they try to undermine you, then it is themselves that are really underestimating. On the other hand the constructive criticism is valuable as a proof of respect and support from the other side. Isn’t it a pity to receive it with a negative reaction?

The thing is that we are so attached to ourselves, so scared that someone can bring us down from our throne that we are ready to pull the trigger the moment we smell even a predisposition. How can you be harmed because someone said something? If instead we reduce the fanaticism about ourselves and just focus on our way without being compared to others, things simplify tremendously. I don’t think it’s so important for you to prove anything.

Then we have a lot of terror attacks. That’s a modern fear that has appeared the last few years. People now are more scared to enter planes, public buildings. But most importantly they have this fear of the unexpected which is the worse. The way the terror attacks happen you can’t have any idea when it may take place and where. It can happen at any time, anywhere, this is the worst kind of fear. Similarly to the adrenaline that the people in casino’s face, the anxiety of the unexpected.

The way I see it, though, is that most terror attacks aren’t real. There is plenty of evidence of dolls in crime scenes and people who are clearly actors. At the same time in most attacks, the information is very complicated, many of them like the Las Vegas didn’t make sense how it was possible to happen and most of the times they don’t catch the terrorists alive so the investigation closes. The above together with plenty of other evidence makes me believe that some attacks aren’t so deadly as it is claimed or others are not even be deadly at all. I know this may sound strange and deserves a long discussion but in my view, I am not sure at all that all these are real.

People are also scared of remaining alone. They don’t have many friends in big cities, especially in the northern european countries this happens. But also many boys and girls can’t find a boyfriend or a girlfriend. This is crazy, In cities with population of even 10 million people some face difficulties to find a partner. What are we doing wrong here to make things so strange? So many men and women seem to be scared of that.

The big problem arises not only when they are alone. But when they are in a relationship, too. You see so many holding each other carefully, being jealous, doing everything together all the time. This for me shows a mentality of scarcity as a couple is one if they are close but also they have their own personal needs, too, I don’t think it’s natural to omit the latter.

Another kind of fear that I have usually noticed is the fear in the job. Most people live in stress and fear because they are pressurized in their jobs and in their mind is all the time the chance that they may kick them out so they give even more than what they have. But I thought that the job provides security that’s why we are supposed to choose it instead of building a business for example.

A new fear is the loss of our money from the bank. With such a widespread crises all around the globe and events in banks like capital controls, people have even lost this trust. Not that such problems haven’t happened in the past many times, but in the latest decades it was forgotten in the west. So now people may have worked their whole lives gathering money and not only the taxes are increasing everywhere but there is also a fear that their money becomes thin air.

Apart from the fear of terrorists there is also a deep fear of war. We hear a lot of things on the TV, politicians saying heavy words and almost everybody has started suspecting that sooner or later a widespread conflict will happen.

Many people are scared of not being enough. We have the TV impressing us with successful people with resources, we have our friends saying that everything is perfect in their lives, we have unemployment which means you need even more skills to be competitive, we have the increase in knowledge in every sector with many subjects and huge specialization, and we have the news complicating the reality.

The Huge Effects in our Lives in Practice

Thus if you have fear about your survival, about your resources, about your work, about the person you will meet, about your mental abilities to understand what is going on and about your skills you can easily understand that it is difficult to operate. You will remain in your comfort zone hopeless waiting for a messiah to come and take you out of this.

By leaving your fear conquering you, you are not letting your real self come out. And this I am sure will be choking you. You will be alert full of thoughts and judgments all the time without calming down. Always anxious that maybe will happen what you are thinking or something worse.

Well, I don’t think it’s difficult to understand neither it is metaphysical that whatever you approach this way you will be reflecting it. And obviously things will not be working because the others will be sensing it on you while you will be facing difficulties to take rational decisions.

Fear is Promoted on Purpose

The leaders of the world want that for you. I hope you still don’t believe that the politicians are doing anything to help the people. On the contrary this is how they can control us more. Fear will keep us from asking for more, from evolving our personalities, from having flexibility in our options and most importantly from being unpredictable. They on purpose induce the fear because it is easier for them, it is easier for us to obey.

Because the solution they bring is always supposed to help us. However, this is what suits them. And all this fear has given them the opportunity to legally monitor people, to have army in the streets of many european cities, to sell unstoppably war machines and so on.

You Don’t need to Follow all These.

First of all you can close the TV if you are still watching because there is no possible way to remain uninfluenced with all this negativity they promote. Most importantly you can observe yourself more. Not all of these fears are justified in such level. As well, the way you approach something that is happening doesn’t mean that you don’t recognise its existence. Being full of thoughts and ideas about what might happen isn’t gonna have much influence in the outcome. Also, you will gradually start realizing that you are not in so much danger as you think you are, it’s your mind making up all there terroristic scenarios.

So when you understand that you are in fear and you come in the now, you can take a different stand towards it. You can look how it works on you, how it is influencing you. You can analyze your thoughts, think of them in an objective manner. Do they make sense or I am exaggerating? But in any case you can understand that what matters is that you are ok. Only when you are ok you are strong to face whatever happens. So entertain yourself with whatever makes you happy, with your hobbies, with your loved ones. This way you can shift your mood and go in another level where things will look differently to you from there. You just need to trust the process at that time.

Don’t be attached to the fear that arises. Recognise it and make a choice to try to be your best self in any case. When you want to do something and have fear remember that you deeply want to do it and try to go naturally to it. Let yourself be in what you want. You don’t need to overanalyze everything that might happen. I recommend that you focus being immersed in the process, that’s the most important. Your mood is going to influence your actions automatically. Even if you have some anxiety at first times, the more you recognise it the easier it will soon go away. The moments you mind tries to tell you it’s not a good idea, remember that you have consciously decided about it at times that you were calmer thus there is no need to change.

Life is meant to be lived and it’s a pity to leave fears that are mostly in our heads stop us. Why don’t we approach life with a bit more trust? Why we don’t leave our curiosity guide us sometimes and lead us to incredible surprises? Why don’t we look at our mind to see what thoughts shift us here and there? And lastly why we don’t leave our enthusiasm both safely and certainly guide us to places of delight? You know, too, that these can exist because it is us that we are making these or others. Each one of us like a small candle can light the higher flame, a flame that consists only of love and burns high like our emotions at times of enthusiasm!

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