Self-Realisation Naturally Fights Depression

People seem to have a huge lack of meaning generally speaking. I’m afraid it’s quite clear that as time is passing it becomes more widespread. Men and women seem to operate passively guided by a pessimistic mentality. They mostly do what they are obliged to do like a...

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The Freedom of Being Released from Labels

 Since the time I remember myself, every time I was asked to give a description of me, I was facing difficulties. I didn’t feel sure about almost anything and I really didn’t want to say a good thing about myself that wasn’t true. I couldn’t even choose a nickname...

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4th of 10 Days of my Water Fasting: My “Whys”

It's amazing how much better I feel today compared to what I described about the 3rd day in the previous article. At that time I had some headaches that were slowly fading and lack of energy. When I was writing this article I was about to go out in order to attend a...

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