The Extreme Distortion of Reality by Popular Media

As technology grows rapidly and internet comes more into our lives similarly increases the amount of information we receive from moment to moment. The vast majority of humans in the west are literally connected for the most part of the day with a computer, a tv, a radio, a tablet, a smartphone and so on. In there they read or watch the news, opinions of others, blogs, websites or advertisements.

The Respectable Authorities and the Randomness of the Events

Strangely enough, I notice most people believing that this is the right thing to do. Because they think that by watching the news and the opinions of “respectable” people in there you are being informed about what is happening in the world. They believe that these specific most famous news agencies are there to describe to them the events and let them know how is life outside of their house that they stay for the most part of their lives.

One reason people trust them I think is because they think that all this information comes randomly. I mean that every agency has their reporters who are there to bring you the information and they work independently. The last years I have heard some whispers about the untrustworthiness of the media, however, I haven’t seen many people not listening to them in practice. I can notice that because they base their knowledge of the events in the world on them or share their information with other people. Even when they try to form an opinion still it is based on what the news has told them. So they keep using the news agencies to build a perception of reality since their life experiences are limited to their house and to their transport for work.

Controlled Media and Formation of Our Consciousness

What people surprisingly fail to realize is that the popular news is more or less controlled by a very specific group of people who have gathered the majority of the money and the assets of the world. But people still can’t imagine that the information that reaches them has been very carefully filtered. And the filtering is not only on the information you get but also on the whole mentality of life. For example what you accept as funny is what you have been taught by them that is funny and has been passed to one another. From the films, from the advertisements, from Facebook, from Twitter and so on. It’s a whole mentality of life in every aspect since you are connected to them all the time.

If, in example, they keep showing you for years a blue ball and attach it with positive feelings like tenderness they might keep building and building it up in your consciousness. This grows in you and after a point, you have learnt to treat this blue ball as something extremely more precious than let’s say a red ball. So it is easy for them to sell you whatever has to do with this blue ball.

At the same time, it’s unbelievable how people take for granted the information coming from all kinds of popular media. If they say something there people take it as a fact. I see that every day and I cannot believe my eyes and ears. When people read an event or an opinion they take it as valid with no second thoughts. If they don’t hear something from there they find it as weird. If they hear from you something they haven’t heard from there they may not even listen to it. For example, the media never mention the word Rotschield. So the brainwashed people never use this word. If the media were using it then the news followers would start using it, simple as that. When the media start using the word immediately the people start doing the same thing.

Even if you think that you have a critical mind towards the news, it’s not possible to have one since you haven’t learned any different side of reality ever in order to compare. You think you compare but what you are only doing is comparing from the different sides that they on purpose present to you as different opinions but they are all ways to fool you while simultaneously your mind remains limited to their stadium inside their borders. You haven’t ever witnessed what is outside thus it remains unimaginable.

Like in the elections. Some people believe they are voting while the only thing they are doing is to choose from the chosen ones from the elites that are represented on the popular media and have the money to advertise themselves. Then they tell you you are free to choose, either way, their plans are going to be followed. And people don’t realize that they think they influence the results in this democracy they told them they participate. But the media said that we have elections and you are a member of a democratic society, right?

Spreading of the Exact Same Ideas like their Own

I can’t believe that the vast majority of the people I know just keep spreading the exact same ideas that I have seen on the popular website, tv, international sites and so on. And what also looks strange to me is that these news media don’t even seem to try anymore. In the past, they seemed at least that was making an effort to create an argument that would need some extra thought to understand that it doesn’t make sense.Today is like talking to little children.

Like when we were babies that our parents were scaring us with the boogie man in order to eat our food. Today I talk with people on the phone or face to face and they keep telling me the exact same words, the exact same arguments, even the same commas that I see in the popular media. And arguments that are silly, you can’t believe how people keep believing these things while at the same time you are unable to contradict them because what you will say is a totally different world, a different unimaginable reality. They are only influenced by the side they are at, if they are left, right, far-right and so on. Of course, nobody would ever admit that is copying the words and the commas of a politician or journalist from the tv but it’s not difficult to realize that when you make a simple comparison.

At the same time they discard, as I said, everything they haven’t heard before, they don’t even want to know any alternative ideas. They just find an excuse that it comes from crazy people or conspiracy theories and that doesn’t make sense. Only because it is different from the popular media that they take for granted. So inevitably they are starting from a wrong base. Which means that whatever they do later will not be helpful because it will have rotten roots or they will be surprised if they realize as correct a very natural thing.

So you see for example sincere people ready to work feeling proud that make fair money by helping banks grow. Where banks are the main reason that this world is full of debt and they may not even realize that because the media never talk about this connection.

Previous summer I was at my dentist in Greece who was ready to go on pension. I described to him that I was self-employed and without trying to play clever or anything else (as he is a very respectable man to me) I tried to explain to him that something is wrong in the world and people have lost it by working unbelievably many hours every day while they are missing too many other important elements of life. To my surprise, he fully agreed and he was also surprised that he was seeing another person that had understood that. Obviously, he couldn’t have heard this idea on facebook or in one of the few popular Greek tv channels. He told me “Yes, I overdid it but now it’s late, now I will retire and try to make the most of what I have missed in my life”

Judging Only by What You Already Know

One thing that scientifically shows the reason behind what I am trying to explain is the fact that people automatically create a concept of reality according to the information that is already “contained in their heads.” It’s a common misperception of the human mind to forget to take into account that there exists extra evidence that hasn’t been learned and this can potentially change their model. And if you connect it with the vast egoism that most people today are characterized from they overestimate their understanding while at the same time the information comes from the aforementioned popular media. Of course, the latter gives the information they want.

Think also that it’s a common idea that people should be “informed” which means that there is this idea that you should know the news. But what news? This means that you should try hard to learn by heart daily what the popular media say. But these popular media alter the reality and create it the way they want.

So not only they misinform you but you feel the obligation to know all this information while at the same time you consider it as reality and you act and become influenced accordingly. In fact, what they want you to do is listen to their news because this is the story you have to believe in order the elite to keep controlling you. I don’t know if I am making it clear but this way you are putting the limits to your own self. You make yourself believe what they want you to believe. You do your best to remain in their trap and you also preach to the ones left out to do the same. Such is the contradiction.

The News is a Scenario.

There are actors, the good and the bad ones, the friendly and the unfriendly. They feed you what the elite wants you to believe. This is the important thing of all, the currency of the 21st century, what you believe. One example is Russia. Russia is the bad now and Trump is bad. Hillary Clinton and Obama (the democrats-leftists and globalizations leaders) are the good ones. Also in Syria, they can’t overthrow Assad because most of his people want him there so they put actors (even children) to act like crying and influence the emotions of the western people and justify the actions of the terrorists in the area, that are many times helped by the western countries such as England, USA, France, Germany and etc

When you see Putin speaking you notice that he doesn’t try to hide something, on the contrary when we were watching Obama if you had your eyes open and your mind uninfluenced by the propaganda you could clearly notice that he is an actor, he has a written speech and is giving a performance. The media were trying to convince you that is a great personality. One way is by giving him the Nobel prize of peace, to the president that has caused the most warfares than anybody else in the history of the united states. But the media said that is a great man, right? I remember when he came to Greece everyone seemed astonished by the speech he gave. But first and foremost were the journalists of the popular media, what a coincidence!

Nowadays they try to blame Russia that had hacked and they create one more scandal about Clinton’s emails but they haven’t told us what the emails say, right? About pedophilia connections, connections with isis and so many other incredible things. But when anyone tries to talk about that they have created a new concept, the game has grown. Now we have the concept of the fake news. So whatever information gets in their way will be labeled as fake news, once again controlling your perception. And I am afraid you will believe them once more.

You Can Try to Stay Back Sometimes.

Maybe you will notice that you are following some people too much if you observe your mind more. Some other times think that is better to not be sure about anything than to wait what the journalist says in order for you to know what to say (which is the same thing). The game is rigged, it’s not difficult to understand. You just need to go beyond your fanaticism and most importantly beyond your fanaticism that you aren’t a fanatic 🙂 Try to search for alternative sources of information. Don’t wait for men in shiny suits with an excellent body language to guide you because the elites know you will fall for that so the ones that are fooling you are always wearing shiny suits. Try to look for outsiders. You don’t necessarily need to believe them. But try to listen to another side of reality, be open to what you see now as strange because it doesn’t play on tv.

I am sure you don’t like being a puppet in the games of the media and of course, no one accepts being fooled but at the same time, it needs the courage to see beyond. All of us that saw a little further away was because we went beyond our egoisms and at some points understood that we were playing the games of people that used our greatest tendencies for their own reasons. Same as it happens in a family, same in the bigger part of the society and in the world. Don’t let your ego give them the opportunity to control you because you’d better be sure that they know the human psychology way better than each and every one of us.

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