The law of attraction. The magnetism to everything you desire.

The life that is ready to offer you whatever you want. Ask and thou shalt receive. How simple it looks and how confusing it has become, right?


The Limitations of the “Realists”


On the one hand people have the tendency to consider themselves realists. So they understand that the universe works linearly and they have a deep belief that the effort is only analogous to the result we receive. Thus under this point of view there is no possibility that you can reach a certain outcome if you put less than the calculated amount of effort. For example, in order to relax a little in your life you need to first have worked for no less than 40 hours per week for approximately 40 years at minimum. Or for them there exist many things that: “NO, NO, this cannot happen, you can’t do it, it’s unrealistic.”

Obviously, when we think so confidently like that we fail to recognise that what we consider as possible and realistic has to do with how it sounds in our perception of reality and is not the whole truth. We base it on our experiences and memories of something and on what we have seen on the TV. Of course, it’s difficult to get out of the egoism and recognise that our understanding is just a piece of the whole picture and not everything. Thus, there isn’t even maybe a need to mention the extreme limitations that we are putting our mind into this way.

Think also that most of the times we judge how possible is something to happen according to the current situation. So when we recognise vast distance between the now situation and a future one immediately we think that the latter manifestation of reality “can’t happen.” In that case it’s same as you buy a seed and instead of planting it keeping it in envelope. Because it looks unrealistic a simple seed to become a colorful flower. However, people won’t do that because flowers are supposed to grow when we plant the seed, we have the confidence. We have seen so many flowers growing from seeds. But what about people? Does it make it so difficult to realise the same processes because people that grow have much more variety than a flower species? So instead of developed we see them as “weirdos” or antisocial.

Of course, any idea that you can ask for something and you will receive it sounds bollocks to a linear thinker. The way I have experienced it, it looks impossible to get away from internal and external pressure. What I have seen happening is people having a tendency towards 2 directions. Some don’t start anything and they keep doing the same things because after thinking of it they assume that their ideas have very few chances as they look very far away from where they are now. Others try to start but procrastinate and don’t put much effort in the end which keeps them in a negative spiral loop.


The Limitations of the “Spiritualists”


On the other hand there are people that have a tendency to be more open to “spiritual” ideas. Openness of course as a trait is extremely useful however, like everything, it needs to be under controlled. So in that case I have noticed too many people misunderstanding the law of attraction and becoming lazier. They are convinced that they can just ask what they want, sit and wait for the universe to bring it. Whatever that is friends, partners, money etc.

This approach has always sounded to me either like coming from desperation or as an excuse for boredom. Even if it sounds like an emotional process for me it doesn’t contain any will in it. Because when you have a real will for something you can’t avoid acting, it happens automatically, in fact, no one can stop you from acting. Thus any thought about laws of attraction can’t be a priority. We prefer to ask because we either don’t really want to spend any energy or we don’t have the confidence that we can do it so we want something or someone to offer it.

In the first tendency we see people glorifying the effort while in the second they underestimate it. Both are in fact ignoring their emotions. The first because the linear thinking by definition has to do with calculations and strictly sees effort as a cause and the expected results as an effect. The second because instead of letting their emotions be released and manifest in the appropriate actions, they block them and just wait for the results to come by themselves. They are both limited this way, too, as they seem to be getting feedback from external sources instead of internal. The first have measurements such as money or external manifestations while the second seem to also be chasing external manifestations and have desires that look good to others, most of the times, else if it was really their need it would be more possible to act.


The Emotions


Because that’s the most important thing. The emotions are the most powerful motivation. Let’s say from the heart. The heart is way more powerful than any concept in our minds but the way this culture works we have gone so far away from that. The heart can provide you with the motivation and the consistency to get closer to what she really needs. She can be guiding you when your playful mind goes from here and there as time is passing.

The Law of Attraction doesn’t have to be a focus pocus. There is a more realistic way to approach its truth. It’s not also something new, any old philosophy and religion has clearly explained how it works. So it’s a mistake to be considered as “new age.”

Everything is conceived in the mind, isn’t it? When a musician wants to make a track and conceives it, is there any track that we can listen in the 3-d world we live in? But after some time the way we experience time the track appears and everyone can listen to it. There are some processes in between and in the end we see the result. In some way the track existed before everyone could hear it. The musician had a specific desire and a sincere confidence that he can do it. Unavoidably the track after sometime was there. He asked and then he received.

This is a simple example and we consider life as more complicated. But let’s try to look at it at a wider scale.

What was that made the musician successful in attracting what he desired?

  • He was specific

He knew what kind of track he wanted to make and with what specifics. He couldn’t do that randomly or vaguely. After taking all the info into account he started writing and playing its parts. In this process, his creativity, his ideas, the information, his experience, his intuition, the needs for the project were combined and created the specific result that we can listen.

  • He experienced it

During the process of making it he, in fact, experienced it without it existing. It was in his mind and he could “listen” to it although there wasn’t any ready track.

  • He is that person

From the beginning, he took for granted that he is a person that can make that track. He lives in a reality that he is a musician able to create such a track.

  • He really wanted it

There was a reason for him to do it. Maybe it was money, maybe it was fame, maybe it was just the love for creation. He had enough will and motivation to finish the project, anyway.

The above I think is important to maintain something in the long term. If the reasons are external is very possible that sooner or later the motivation finishes. On the contrary, if the reasons are internal there are definitely more chances to go on in the long term.


We simply all already get what we deserve


If you contemplate on the above you may come to the same conclusion as I have come. As I said, law of attraction doesn’t need to have a metaphysical concept attached. For me, in fact the law of attraction works at any moment. We seem to have exactly what we are synchronised to. What we have accepted. Everyone of us seems to be getting what we really deserve according to what we really are. That doesn’t mean that we perceive it the same way, however, if we clearly look at our circumstances I think we will take valuable lessons.

When for example you post memes about how happy you are that is Friday means that you have already accepted that all the other days of the week are unhappy. This is the reality you have accepted and as a result attracted. Thus you can’t avoid living in it unless you change how you conceive life. When you countdown for Christmas means that you find most of your life uninteresting and a holiday such as Christmas will make it interesting. You live below the water and just wait for some chances to take your head out and breath some oxygen. Does it sound strange to not keep having that since you seem to have fully accepted such reality?


The Value of Specificity


But let’s say you don’t accept such reality in theory and you want something else. Can you explain it specifically or is it a random idea? Can the musician make a track with just random ideas? Like let’s say, I want to make a reggae track. He had to be way more specific than that in order to reach the point to create the track. Same as our needs. You can’t just say I want money or fame, you have to induce all the circumstances in it, doesn’t it sound obvious?


Utilizing the Heart


However, this can still remain just a concept in the mind, it’s very far away from experience. You haven’t yet utilised your heart. So whatever you really need has to be coming together with a sincere deep will. This will will be the motivator in times that you feel discouraged or have less passion. But you see here, you just can’t create emotions. That’s why you need to be yourself, trust your intuition and your real needs. Because if what you do has a real emotional meaning to you and your individuality then your emotions will be stronger in maintaining you in your path.


Living it


This works together with something even more important. As I said, the musician lives in the reality that he can create the track and that’s how he created it. This is how the law of attraction seems to be working. I may say that I want 1 billion pounds in my bank account but am I providing services or products that can make the corresponding profit? I may say I want to have 300 close friends. But do I behave in my life in a way so that I can have 300 close friends? Do I even really know how it is to live in such reality?

In order for you to synchronise with the reality you desire you need to start creating this experience with your mind. You need to be imagining how it is to now be in this reality. Try to feel how you feel when the situation is like this, what friends you have, how you approach the issues that happen to you, where you live, what relationships you have, how your day starts and literally everything. This induces also the specificity that we talked about. In all of these try to sense that you already are in that reality now. Don’t just see it as film.

The more you put your whole self in such reality as time is passing the more you will be synchronising with it. You will start accepting more easily ideas of such reality and they will be looking more normal to you. This will be influencing the way you act in your life. As we said your virtual reality will be getting closer to the reality you have. In the long term the mind can’t distinguish the difference between the world and its conception of it. You see that this way you will becoming the person that has this reality and he has it. This seems to have always been happening.


The medium between acting and not acting


You notice the difference and how we can find the medium between acting and not acting? We don’t exclude here the effort. Because the fact that you start building a new reality in your mind means that you automatically start acting towards this reality. You are becoming this person. Because your actions are starting now to become consistent with this new reality. You start living your life now like you are already in this reality. And that brings the latter closer. When you choose to focus on what you really want instead of what you want to avoid, then the steps become much simpler.

At the same time effort is not everything. Now we have a focused meaningful effort that is painless. Your mind automatically puts you in this different behavior that is closer to your real needs and you have the greatest weapon with you, your heart. The latter motivates you and makes any amount of effort irrelevant.


Following Only Our Sincere Needs


Have you heard of the proverb “Be careful what you wish for!” This also looks pretty usual to me. Indeed there are so many people that use the law of attraction in a way that results in much harm in them. They have such a strong desire to get something that in the end they receive it even though the circumstances were showing that there weren’t many chances. However, the fact that they get it makes their lives way harder and then confusing as the emotional outcome seems to be the opposite than the one expected. The greatest example of all maybe is marriage.

That’s why once again I need to say that if we don’t follow our own inclinations and needs we will always be ending up in walls that create even more confusion because we were assured by others that we were doing the right thing. Or we want have long lasting motivation because sooner or later we will become bored. This goes together with the fact that it doesn’t help us to be full of desires. Not only because most of them are fake and induced by the society, mostly because what it attracts is an unfulfilled reality. Think about it. When you always ask means that you want to get away from what you have. So you aren’t grateful and you always want more, you don’t feel enough. You understand how this builds the reality you are experiencing?

Consequently when we synthesize the above we find that all this process of attraction works pretty efficiently and doesn’t need push. Trust is enough and it’s a natural process. Every time you have a new realisation and you can find the way to manifest it according to your own personality, the moment you act towards it you start attracting this new reality. It’s a matter of time to arrive. If it is a real need based on your own authenticity then you will be automatically putting your mind in this experience and feeling this specific reality closer to you. You will have the motivation to maintain congruence between mind and actions because it makes sense but also touches your emotions deeply. The new reality quickly starts becoming normal because it has to do with your natural proclivities. Even if you want to, it won’t be possible to then stop the process of making body and mind one.

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